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Embedded Calendar

This screenshot shows how SWTCalendar can be embedded in our own SWT application. Since SWTCalendar extends SWT's Composite, you can easily add SWTCalendar in your own Shell. Selecting a date updates the Label on top of the calendar.

SWTCalendar using Linux GTK.

Calendar Dialog

This screenshot shows how SWTCalendar can be used as a standalone dialog. Selecting a date updates the Text on back of the calendar dialog.

Standalone SWTCalendar modal dialog using Windows XP.

Running the demos

Source code of the demos is included in the SWTCalendar distribution under the demo package. To run the demos, make sure ANT is installed and properly configured. To run the embed demo, just type "ant demo1". To run the standalone dialog, just type "ant demo2". If you don't have ANT installed, compile the source code under the demo package, put swtcalendar.jar and swt.jar in your classpath, put the appropraite OS dependent library in their proper places and run demo.EmbeddedDemo (or demo.DialogDemo). I suggest you install ANT :)